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Elite Services Group based in Houston, TX, is an exterior painting company that offers services to residential customers. The paint on the siding of a home is designed for two purposes, including making it look beautiful for families and protecting the materials from a variety of weather conditions. When an exterior of a home is in bad condition, our painting contractors can get to work quickly to remove decayed layers before repainting the surfaces. The average residential paint job lasts between six and 10 years with optimal maintenance such as pressure washing to remove dirt and an occasional touch-up to a scratched surface.

We Help Customers Select the Best Paint for a Home

Every residential structure is different and requires an analysis by expert painting contractors to determine the best type of paint to use to create a long-lasting surface. Our customers might want to choose paint with features such as mold resistance to prevent exterior damage that mars the beauty of a home. The application of a protective coat of paint on top of siding can help to avoid problems that occur from severe weather conditions, dirt buildup or ultraviolet sunlight. There are numerous things that can damage a building’s painted surfaces, including:

• Soot from chimneys
• Exhaust from vehicles
• Acid rain
• Tree sap
• Wildlife

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A professionally applied coat of paint on a Houston home looks more attractive to neighbors and also increases the value of a property when it is listed on the real estate market. Before beginning an exterior painting job, our painting contractors may suggest pressure washing the structure or caulking around window frames. Making repairs to siding first can prevent moisture from entering stucco or siding to avoid problems later such as bubbling paint. It is important to remember that a home is the most expensive investment anyone makes in their lifetime and with proper maintenance, it will look better and last longer. To learn more about professional painting services from Elite Services Group, contact us today with an email or call 832-292-8531.

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