Residential Property Services in Houston, TX

Here at Elite Pressure Washing in Houston, TX, we provide a one-stop shop for services pertaining to residential maintenance and residential preservation in order to help property owners to keep their residences in ideal condition. If necessary, our professionals will manage all required tasks to preserve the exterior of all of your residential structures in order to provide satisfactory results in a cost-efficient manner while limiting your liability.

The Services That We Provide Clients

One of our offerings is a collection of preventative cleaning services that include the removal of hard-water stains, acid washing, pressure washing, window cleaning, wood cleaning and roof cleaning. We also offer protective coating services with exterior painting, wood staining, caulking, and sealing for both natural stone and concrete. On top of all these services, our expert team will perform expansion joint repairs. Elite specializes in maintenance, protective coatings, restoration, and other services and products that benefit your house’s appearance, condition and value.

We Manage All Sizes of Residential Properties

Our company has the expertise to manage all sizes or residential properties from single-family homes to multifamily complexes throughout Houston, TX, and we believe in building long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We know that each client has different needs, and we strive to fulfill each one of them in a quality manner. Elite’s client base consists of homeowners, general contractors, home builders along with real estate agents, brokers and investors.

Our website contains in-depth information about our services for residential maintenance and residential preservation, so please peruse through the site at your convenience. We offer our services on a one-time, warranty and contract basis depending on a client’s specific needs. We also provide free quotes on all our service options upon request. Let us help you maintain and preserve your residential property in Houston, TX, in a high-quality manner.

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Residential Services

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