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Elite Pressure Washing based in Houston, TX offers quality parking lot sealing for apartment complexes, retail establishments and medical facilities. Clients and customers expect to see a business’s parking area in good condition to avoid experiencing damage to a vehicle. Business owners may neglect a park lot until it is in horrible condition that requires extensive repairs along with expert sealcoating to improve its appearance. The materials used to seal a parking lot’s surface last only a few years due to constant wear and tear from vehicular traffic, moisture and temperature changes. A new application of sealcoating is necessary to fill small crevices that develop on the asphalt.

Make it Easier for Customers to Park

By calling us at Elite Pressure Washing, out technicians can analyze a parking lot’s asphalt to determine the correct repairs to keep its materials from degrading completely. Sealing a parking lot stops moisture from seeping into underlying materials where it causes deep dips in the pavement. Not only will an application of protective substances prevent cracks from moisture, but it also stops volatile chemicals such as oil and gasoline from entering. At Elite Pressure Washing, we use parking lot sealing processes that protect asphalt and cement from the damage of ultraviolet sunlight. In addition to sealcoating services, customers can request our design team to create a new striping layout that makes it easier for drivers to park safely and correctly, and in many cases, can increase the vehicle capacity of the parking lot.

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We can add striping that shows where there are pedestrian walkways, fire lanes and no parking zones to help prevent accidents on a business’s property. Fresh parking lot sealing at Houston businesses is noticed by customers who want to drive and walk on a smooth and safe surface. Business owners also must have compliance with local regulations concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act to show where there are wheelchair ramps.

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