Houston, TX Expansion Joint Caulking Repairs

Time and pollutants take their toll on parking lots and concrete structures. With enough exposure to environmental elements, the expansion joint caulking in parking garages and parking lots begins to break down. In order to keep up the appearance of your commercial properties, periodic expansion joint recaulking and repairing is necessary.

Elite Pressure Washing is an experienced caulking contractor in Houston, TX that specializes in preserving the exterior of commercial buildings and parking lots. When expansion joints are not maintained or they are not recaulked properly, water can seep into the structure of a parking lot or parking garage. When water penetrates the structure, the end result may be an expensive, preventable problem such as a structural issue, mold growth and cladding system deterioration.

Removal of Expired Joints

Before repairing any expansion joints in a parking garage or lot, Elite Service recommends the removal of expired joints. Once the deteriorated joints are removed, new backer board is installed. Finally, the expansion joints are recaulked with a silicone or urethane caulking. This process ensures that the parking lot not only looks great, but also meets performance demands.

If you notice waterproofing failures or leaks in one of your parking structures because of deteriorated expansion joints, contact Elite Pressure Washing now.

We are an expansion joint caulking contractor in the Houston area that offers a full range of parking garage and parking lot maintenance and repair services such as:

  • Carbon fiber wrapping
  • Deck coating
  • Expansion joint repairs
  • Parking lot striping
  • Sealcoat applications
  • And Much More

Do not leave leaks in disrepair. If you want your parking garage to look as pristine as the day it was built, submit a request to Elite Pressure Washing in order to receive a proposal for a parking lot repair.

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