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Parking garage systems must be well maintained in order to ensure longevity of the structure. Such maintenance requires a great investment of time and care. While these structures appear simply built, they are actually a group of many components brought together to function as one.

To properly maintain a parking garage system, restoration and waterproofing are key. Together, these two elements of an ongoing maintenance program extend the life of parking structures.

Concrete parking decks are porous. They absorb water. That water then migrates into the slab’s top layer, all the way through to the bottom. This leaves chloride deposits underneath, which are commonly referred to as efflorescence. Ongoing exposure to moisture leads to corrosion of reinforcing steel in the slab. This in turn causes the concrete to spall.

To ensure migration of water into the slab does not occur, appropriate cleaning of the surfaces must be done. This is then followed by a three-coat coating system of urethane for protection.

Coatings for Parking Decks

Environmental elements constantly barrage your parking deck. Added to such attack is the impact of automotive traffic, loads of weight, climate extremes, snow plowing, deicing chemicals, thermal movement and so much more. All of this together impacts the deck’s structural integrity. To offset such compromises, protection of the deck’s surfaces is critical.

Elite Services group applies the right coatings after quality preparation of the surface. Ensuring a pristine surface for protective application ensures maximum adhesion of the coating. Restriping is then conducted to the original parking layout. This process should be repeated every five years.

Pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems

Typically installed on walkways, rams and decks within complexes, pedestrian traffic coating systems ensure protection of these areas. Pedestrian traffic coatings are waterproof but are not as durable as vehicular coatings. This is due to the lighter and less aggressive nature of foot traffic, versus automotive traffic. Pedestrian deck coatings may be installed atop wood, unlike vehicular systems. Special detailing is required at plywood seams and other areas.

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Repairs of expansion joints
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