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The windows on your commercial building may become dirty over time, but they also can become corroded and damaged if they are not regularly maintained with effective services. Environmental elements that range from mineral deposits in the local water supply to biological contaminants in the environment can cause serious damage to your windows, and regular cleaning unfortunately is not enough to improve the condition of the windows. At Elite Pressure Washing, we provide glass restoration and glass polishing services in Houston, TX for all of your needs.

Understanding How Glass Can Become Damaged

There are many environmental factors that can cause damage and corrosion to windows. For example, the minerals in hard water can damage windows. In addition, minerals from precast concrete that flow down the windows during a rain storm can also scratch and corrode the glass. Even using abrasive cleaning products may result in glass damage, and these are all issues that can detract from the beauty of your property’s exterior as well as impact your ability to see through the windows clearly while inside the building.

An Effective Solution

At Elite Pressure Washing, we have the effective restoration service you need to maintain and restore your windows with spectacular results. Initially, our team will use advanced restoration services to remove the signs of damage that are currently impacting your commercial glass. Then, we will apply a unique and highly-effective silicone protective coating to the windows. This coating minimizes the likelihood of stains and other types of damage from occurring in the future, and it enables you to see clearly through the glass.

Windows can be expensive to replace, and most property owners will find it most cost-effective to improve the condition of their existing windows through restoration services as well as to protect them with a polishing and protecting service. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your windows or if your windows have already been damaged by environmental factors, the best option is to contact Elite Pressure Washing for a consultation and estimate for our services. We can help you to better maintain your windows over time.

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