Exterior Window Cleaning in Houston, TX

Commercial building windows in Houston, TX, receive their fair share of battering from the environment. Here at Elite Pressure Washing, we understand the importance of regular exterior window cleaning and are experienced at washing various window types, including French, seamless, storm, vestibule, skylights, and exterior perimeter windows. We safely remove insects, mildew, grime, mold, stickers, dirt, and difficult stains, like mineral deposits, which may require more advanced services. Each window type has its own set of cleaning criteria for a safe and thorough result, and at Elite Pressure Washing, we have the knowledge necessary to tackle the various kinds of windows found on commercial buildings.

The Houston weather and environment exposes your exterior window surfaces to both natural and man-made harms. Wind, dirt, ultraviolet light rays, and rain physically impact the window surfaces, causing discoloration and degradation over time. Other factors, such as birds, tree sap, and insects, can intensify these effects. Man-made window hazards include chimney soot, car exhaust, acid rain and industrial pollution. Like weather elements, manmade hazards will cause damage and discoloration to your windows, which can lead to costly replacement if not addressed in time.

If you don’t address the state of your windows, they can dent your building’s curbside appeal and even lower your property’s value. Current and prospective tenants may take the state of the windows as a reflection of the building’s upkeep. Regular high rise window cleaning and other exterior window services are necessary to preserve the beauty of your building’s exterior and maintain its value. How often your building will need exterior window cleaning services depends on the local environment and the type and frequency of hazards. Regular window cleaning will help protect your building’s windows from the elements, keep tenants satisfied and ensure your property value is protected.

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