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Like virtually every aspect of a building’s structure, caulking is a material that also requires maintenance. It is part of the waterproofing system, and water is known to invade a building through control joints that have degraded.

However, water problems can also occur if window gaskets have expired and don’t work effectively to keep water out. At Elite, we provide commercial repairs for control joint caulking.

We also offer wet glazing for certain walls made of glass. If you need someone to install window systems on a new or old structure, we can help.

Wet Glazing

One of the caulking services that we offer handles wet glazing for the curtain walls on commercial buildings. We believe this is a crucial part of maintenance, and it’s vital for ensuring the exterior of a building is completely waterproof.

Over a period of time, the gaskets on the outside of a building become worn by the elements. Since the gaskets are made from silicone, they shrink and create a water leak. All that is needed to fix this issue is re-caulking of the gaskets.

We like to use silicone caulking because it’s effective for preventing water leakage. When it comes to property preservation and waterproofing services, we’re the experts. Please get in touch with us if you need wet glazing services.

Control Joint Caulking and Repairs

Over time, a combination of pollutants and environmental elements degrade the caulking that protects buildings, which includes the control joints.

To preserve property, re-caulking and repairing this issue is crucial. We consider these repairs to be part of maintenance. Whenever you’re having control joints re-caulked, it’s a good idea to have the expired joints removed. It’s also important that a new backer board is installed.

We like to re-caulk the joints using silicone or urethane caulking. If you’re experiencing problems with water penetrating your building, it can lead to costly repairs. It could be time to call us.

We’re your caulking contractor in Houston, TX. If your building is suffering any number of leaks from degraded control arms, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Get a quote now.

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