Building Sealants in Houston, TX

Preserving your building’s exterior is based on your system for waterproofing. It is necessary to create a barrier between your building and the weather that makes your building deteriorate over time is important to making it last longer and your ROI as the building’s owner.

Pre-cast concrete, limestone, bricks, and other types of stone often get coated with clear water repellants. Some sealants form a chemical bond with these materials that actually repels water. These penetrating repellants do not mesh well with wood, painted areas, pottery, or aggregate surfaces.

Your building may be victim to water infiltration issues due to absorption through the material used to build it. Clear water repellants may be the answer for you in this case. A good application of clear sealer will make the absorption of water less likely and will keep your building’s facade looking great longer. Your class A TX buildings can stay professional and clean for longer more easily.

In order to apply a sealant effectively, you must prepare the surface of your building first. Any debris, dirt, plant life, or stains have to be removed before you seal your material in order for it to work properly. Bricks and other broken or cracked stones have to be sealed before applying any kind of repellant. Hairline cracks will not easily seal against the elements otherwise.

Elite Pressure Washing realizes what challenges building owners face when trying to maintain the appearance and longevity of their establishment’s facade. We send trained professionals to appraise each situation before letting you know what would best suit your individual needs as a building owner. Often, we can give you better treatment with clear water repellants than other places can offer.

Given the heat in Houston, TX, it is important to know that other surfaces need to be sealed at times as well. After any glass restoration process, it is important that you have a proper sealant applied to prevent glass from staining again or getting a foggy, dingy appearance. Metal can also be treated with sealants from a good Waterproofing Contractor. Other services that we offer include building pressure washing, exterior window washing,building caulking, sealant application, and stone, glass, or metal restoration.

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