Building Pressure Washing in Houston, TX

If you live in Houston, TX, annual exterior building maintenance is crucial to keep your business look its best. It can also help to avoid future expensive repairs or replacements by protecting the building’s structural integrity.

Power washing is a procedure that protects, cleans and restores a wide variety of exterior building surfaces such as stucco, pre-cast, siding, brick, aluminum, concrete, metal, glass, and stone. Power washing helps to remove surface impurities like dirt, grime, mineral deposits, fungus, algae, mildew, mold and difficult stains. These conditions leave behind unsightly stains on exterior building surfaces.

The weather in Houston, TX exposes a building’s exterior to rain, ultraviolet rays, the wind, debris, and other elemental exposure that can be damaging. Birds, spiders, insects, and tree sap can compound these problems. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to oxidation, discoloration, and chalking of the exterior if they are cleaned. It doesn’t take a lot of time for a cosmetic problem to become a structural problem.

Man-made complications such as pollution, acid rain, chimney residue, and vehicle exhaust also need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the condition of the building’s exterior. Scheduled annual exterior building maintenance can help to increase your property values and restore beauty to your building.

Elite Pressure Washing proudly offers a range of solutions designed to meet the exterior surface cleaning and maintenance needs of your business. If you live in the Houston, TX area, call Elite Pressure Washing today to request a proposal and ask about the following services:

* High Rise Pressure Washing
* Exterior Window Cleaning
* Glass restoration
* Stone Restoration
* Metal Restoration
* Stone Restoration
* Commercial Painting Services
* Commercial Caulking
* Exterior Painting and Coatings
* Building Sealants
* Waterproofing

At Elite Pressure Washing, we understand the importance of protecting and maintaining the surfaces of your building. We can help you choose the right services, and design the right maintenance schedule, to meet your individual building needs.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals look forward to assisting you. We will put you on the right track to protecting your building’s exterior surfaces.

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